2% , 2021 98The progress that capital market reforms is being accelerated significantly, do poineering work like what market height pays close attention to board register make reform, system of its whole frame already was built, and will bring the opportunity of many sided; New 3 board go in open hair, turn board wait for a respect to also get perfecting, tomorrow is new 3 board a connecting link between the preceding and the following, organic connection is mutiple level the action of capital market will stronger and strongerInsurgent news: Beautiful couplet store employed unprecedented urgent loan power, its balance sheet also achieved Shi Shangxin tallA of second half of the year Jing is not had danger, harbor new economy continues to get run be based on the psychological preparation with sufficient to each respect such as epidemic situation market, we are right A with harbor second half of the year goes situation is not pessimisticAnd industry of Bei Da drug (the innovation medicine that 300558) is a delegate board piece, 10 thousand promote science and technology (the cloud that 300624) is a delegate handles official bussiness board piece, Fu Chun share (the cribbage-board that 300299) is a delegate piece driving expression drive is worn do poineering work board point to go up greatly 1


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    In light of whole, the income gap of urban and rural dweller is in the trend that narrows gradually, this is a good appearanceWhen all these families are raising deposit, we can be entered special the world that is similar to balance sheet decline, inflationary level also is met very low

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    So I guess, once these people had,income can raise depositIts are really soft below the case that distributes stability, prices is it is very normal to lose, because supply and demand is in,fluctuate, when supply is less than demand, prices rises; When when supply is more than demand gradually, the prices that rise falls again come back

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    It is so inside a such phase, the centre of gravity of monetary policy is comfortable certainly, think method lets this industry financing can compare unobstructed, include loan, include discount of bond, bill to wait a moment, it is to do a such business actuallyWhat we cried morer in the past is a few large-scale are revitalized, revitalize e

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    You are in not long ago south Africa, do not have the word of a bad shot, you should be now this outline looks in a hotel of German MunichBe based on grind sentence frame, attention: 1) works demand overlay goes against periodic raise the quota, pay close attention to project machine


On June 22 08:59The 2nd kind follows advanced manufacturing industry relevant



"Green Huang Dai is received " period, still want advertent venture disturbIf for instance the United States is told, 40% what the money that the person of 1% has holds total of money of law court of wholer than be close to state, 70% what some fortune embrace to take money of countrywide all family in the hand of 10%



Exceed of hair soft, always want to have a flow direction, if flow to " poor " , can push litre of inflation level; If flow to " wealthy person " , can push litre of property priceThis more resembling is a natural disaster, a large natural disaster

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For instance the estimation of finance deficit rate this year can achieve the United States 15% above, hind of World War II is highestSo overall will tell, differentiation is a feature below the economy that put an amount, differentiation brought about superior bad discard, also promoted the configuration of whole society natural resources efficiency, but its side-effect is to us obtain employment can bring constant pressure