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          Top-Trans Intl Logistics Co., Ltd.


          Online Advice

          • fleetlygminglun@live.cn




          Establishment Date : Top-Trans Intl Logistics Co., Ltd. is one of the global leading logistics service providers Founded in China. It rapidly expands its capabilities throughout the region. It has 3 locations including Lianyungang, Shanghai and Qingdao.

          Service Team : At present, TOP TRANS has a team of over 20 employees that provide professional, prompt and outstanding services for customers.

          Business Scope : undertaking integrated logistics services including the transport, express delivery and exhibition services of cargo by sea or air. Major Shipping Lines : Europe & Med. Line, South-east Asia Line, the Mainland Line (southern China, central and northern China), Hong Kong Line, Japan & Korea Line, America & Canada Line, the Middle East Line, Central and South America Line, Australia-New Zealand-Africa Line and Triangle Trade.

          Advantage Lines:

          1.The Mainland Line: TOP TRANS has a complete layout of branches in Mainland China. It provides cordial and fast services among all ports. Above all, ocean-freights undertaken form Mainland China to Europe & Med and South-east Asia are the most competitive. TOP TRANS provides all-inclusive logistic services to offer a quick response to the customer's demands with the most favorable price and outstanding team services.

          2.Imports: Import service is centered on LCL. With a sound network, reasonable prices and good services, TOP-TRANS provides timely information regarding arrival.

          Most Competitive Price : Large in scale, TOP-TRANS possesses the advantage of economies of scale. Since it has established good strategic partnerships with major shipping companies, agencies, counterparts and container yards, TOP-TRANS enjoys a relative low cost for overall operations. By carrying out the principle of mutual profit, TOP-TRANS can reduce the costs of customers and achieve the goal of mutual benefit.