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           公司的前身為香港富騰國際物流集團與連云港港務局合資注冊成立的連云港富騰國際貨運代理有限公司,成立于1998年。2008年經過資產重組,重新注冊更名為連云港明輪國際物流有限公司, 公司總部設在連云港,業務分布于上海、寧波、南京、大連、青島、天津、武漢、廣州、北京等中心港口城市。公司和MAERSK、CMA、APL、PIL、WHL、YM、MSC、CSCL、COSCO、NYK、NDS等中外船公司建立了長期穩固的合作關系,享有多家船東的協議運價,擁有航線和價格的雙重優勢。公司建有集裝箱儲運倉庫,配有專用的車隊,在主要港區設有辦事機構,并和全國各地和世界各國(地區)眾多貨運公司互為代理,形成集船代、貨代、倉儲為一體的專業化、多功能、綜合性的物流企業。



           Lianyungang paddle International Logistics Co., Ltd. is approved by The People’s Republic of China Foreign Economic Relations and Trade of the set of sea, air, land for an integrated logistics enterprise, with an international freight forwarding qualification.

          The company formerly known as Hong Kong International Logistics Fortum Group and Lianyungang Port of Lianyungang, a joint venture incorporated Fortum International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd., was established in 1998. In 2008 after the reorganization of assets, re-registration was renamed Lianyungang next round of the International Logistics Co., Ltd., Company’s headquarters is located in Lianyungang, business located in Shanghai, Ningbo, Nanjing, Dalian, Qingdao, Tianjin, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Beijing and other central port city. Companies and MAERSK, CMA, APL, PIL, WHL, YM, MSC, CSCL, COSCO, NYK, NDS and other foreign shipping companies to establish a long-term stable cooperative relations, to enjoy a number of the owner of the freight rate agreement, with routes and prices a double advantage. Container storage and transportation company built warehouses, with a dedicated team with offices in major ports and to and throughout the country and the world (regions) a number of freight companies mutual agent, Formation collection vessel generation, freight forwarding, warehousing as one of the professional, multi-functional, integrated logistics enterprise.

          Next round of international logistics for you designed a variety of sea, air, road and rail transport services or a combination of three-dimensional single logistics services solutions. Company established department are: the International Maritime Department, Air LCL Department, the Department of land transport trailers, bulk cargo chartering department, tariff department, operation department, storage department, the Ministry of Overseas Cooperation 13 departments, and with Ningbo, Shanghai, Qingdao, Tianjin, Dalian, 5 overseas offices. The main business routes are: Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, India and Pakistan, the Red Sea, the Mediterranean, Europe, Africa, North America, Central and South America, Australia and New Zealand.

          The main business scope includes: import and export goods of international FCL, LCL, air transport, shipping agency, barge transportation, chartering, customs clearance, commodity inspection, insurance, import and export foreign trade agents.

          Development and growth of the next round of the growing international logistics, give full play to their own specialization, networking, information-based advantages to a high level of service quality and operational capacity of large-scale efforts to become a landmark of the logistics enterprises in China.